Senin, 22 November 2010

Cerita Cinderella

Masa ceritain fairy tale yang beginian. Hehe, whatever they say, just read and watch the magic...

Dimulai langsung dari sesi si Cinderella udah ke pesta dansa, qiqiqi...

The bad ones go into your crop,
The good ones go into the pot.

She had scarcely spoken these words when a splendid silver dress fell down before her. With it were pearls, silk stockings with silver decorations, golden slippers, and everything else that she needed. Cinderella carried it all home. After she had washed herself and put on the beautiful clothing, she was as beautiful as a rose washed in dew.

Agak meleset dari dugaan, baju emang dikasih gratis bahannya, tapi dirancang dan dibawa ke tukang 'sihir' jahit sendiri dengan mewanti-wanti hasilnya harus bagus (>.<) Finally, the dress is great and suit for me, isn't it?

She went to the front door, and there was a carriage with six black horses all decorated with feathers, and servants dressed in blue and silver. They helped her into the carriage, and away they galloped to the king's castle.

Dijemput emang, pakai mobil ini, agak maksa sih, sama supir dinas kantor buat cepet-cepet bertugas *sigh*

Sesi cerita charming prince-nya dilewat, off the record, hehehehe

Cinderella danced with the prince again and again. Filled with joy, she did not think about midnight.

Maunya pesta dansa, tapi kenyataannya cuma konser biasa, hahaha...

Suddenly, in the middle of a dance, she heard the clock strike. Frightened, she rushed to the door and ran down the stairs. Because they were covered with pitch, one of her golden slippers stuck fast, and in her fear she did not think to pick it up. She reached the last step just as the clock struck twelve. The carriage and the horses disappeared, and Cinderella was left standing there in the dark street dressed in her ash-clothes.

Gaun tetep ada, nggak ngilang, tapi ganti baju lusuh motif kotak-kotak pas pulang, secara gak bakal dianter supir sampe rumah & harus naik kendaraan umum... Udah gitu, yang dibawa kenang-kenangan dari pesta adalah berupa kantong sampah item berisi bunga petikan hasil ngambilin di area pesta (T_T)

Cerita dipercepat sampai saat sang pangeran mencari Cinderella di rumahnya...

Rook di goo, rook di goo!
There's blood in the shoe.
The shoe is too tight,
This bride is not right!

The prince looked down and saw that her white stockings were stained red, and that blood and had come up high on them. The prince took her back to her mother and said, "She is not the right bride either. Is there not another daughter here in this house?"

"No," said the mother. "There is only a dirty cinder girl here. She is sitting down there in the ashes. The slipper would never fit her." She did not want to call her, but the prince insisted. So they called Cinderella, and when she heard that the prince was there, she quickly washed her hands and face. She stepped into the best room and bowed. The prince handed her the golden slipper, and said, "Try it on. If it fits you, you shall be my wife." She pulled the heavy shoe from her left foot, then put her foot into the slipper, pushing ever so slightly. It fit as if it had been poured over her foot. As she straightened herself up, she looked into the prince's face, and he recognized her as the beautiful princess. He cried out, "This is the right bride." The stepmother and the two proud sisters turned pale with horror. The prince escorted Cinderella away. He helped her into his carriage, and as they rode through the gate, the pigeons called out:

Rook di goo, rook di goo!
No blood's in the shoe.
The shoe's not too tight,
This bride is right!

Well, that's all folks!
I left this story without knowing how's the end of my real story. Khehehehe.....

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